Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | November 9, 2014

Godey’s, June 1865

Below is a fashion plate from Godey’s Lady’s Book from June 1865.

Godey’s Lady’s Book

Plate 36. June 1865. Fig. a. Morning costume for a watering-place. Dress of white alpaca gored a L’Imperatrice, and trimmed with rose velvet ribbon and goat-hair tassels. The hair is a la Pompadour, with a coiffure of black silk net, with large beads and a velvet coronet. Fig. b. Afternoon dress for a young lady, or blue grenadine, cross-barred and figured with black. A waved trimming of pale blue silk with black lace, chenille tassels, and gimp on skirt and bertha. The low corsage is pointed, showing a chemisette of thin muslin puffs and Valenciennes inserting. The bertha crosses in front, and ties in back with long ends. Fig. c. Promenade dress and mantle of brown alpaca, trimmed with black velvet and ball fringe. The jacket is Senorita shape, quite short in back. The dress is looped over a skirt of white lustre, trimmed with scarlet braid and fluted ruffles. Brown straw hat.  Fig. d. Morning costume for a watering-place. A gored dress of white pique, trimmed with a fluted ruffle. The overdress is Violone cambric, trimmed with a fluted ruffle and a gay border. A fanchon of black lace is thrown over the head and tied under the chin. Fig. e. A dress and shawl of white organdy muslin, striped with black. The skirt is scalloped on the edge and bound with scarlet braid; scarlet sash. The sleeves are scalloped with red, and trimmed with small pearl buttons. White chip hat. White silk parasol, covered with black lace.

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