Novel “Tryst with Fate”

Fate brought William and Elena together when they were children and reunited them as adults. It was a match made in Heaven. Together, Elena and William are invincible. But life is fickle and destiny unpredictable, and no matter what path we choose, a tryst with fate is inevitable. 


Tryst with Fate

 Tryst with Fate is historical fiction. It is the culmination of more than five years of research and inspired by the real-life incidents and events of more than a dozen New England women who lived at sea during the mid-nineteenth century with their parents or husbands.  As one reads the many journals left by these extraordinary women, one begins to recognize the similarities and differences of their lives from one another; from their more traditional contemporaries who remained on land or those of us now living in the twenty-first century.  

Although more than a century has passed since these women braved America’s Victorian status quo and the dangers inherent in a life at sea, there is one aspect of human nature that has not, nor will ever change. That is, humanity’s ability to experience the whole gamut of human emotions.  From experiencing our greatest joy to our deepest despair, it is that single trait that makes us human.  Yet, that aspect is missing from most of the whaling wives journal entries and therefore the primary reason I chose to write fiction rather than non-fiction. Non-fiction authors are required to maintain objectivity especially when writing history. There is no such requirement for the writer of fiction. Rather the opposite is true; without the depths of human emotion in a novel, the story is monotonous and the characters seem contrived. Their lives are unreal and incomplete.  As Ann Hood noted in her book, Creating Character Emotions, “The best fiction takes characters through not just an external journey, but an emotional journey, too….Characters must have full lives of their own.”


  1. Sounds like a great book. I’d like to order several thousand copies but need more information first! Must be a great adventure for an author like yourself to live the story and write it!

  2. Karlee,

    I am very impressed by your site. You have done an amazing job. The title and cover for your book are tantalizing. Is it going to be published soon? Or has it already been published?


  3. Hello Karlee:
    Your Blog site is beautiful, and so are you. What a faithful friend you are.
    Best of luck in getting Tryst of Fate in the hands of a pub soon
    Best Wishes

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