Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | October 9, 2014

6th, 8th, 9th October 1849

Mary Brewster, SATURDAY [October] 6th [1849]: “Light winds from E to ESE and squally. Latter fresh trades. Saw two ships one of them the Almira now out of sight. A fine evening with beautiful weather. In two days we shall be in port [of Honolulu].   LAT. 23.24   LONG. 154.17.”


Mary Brewster, MONDAY [October] 8th [1849]: “Fresh trades and fine weather. At 9 AM made Maui, at dark Molokai in sight 30 miles distant. Light sails all in. Ship heading W by South. Two ships in sight today.   LAT. 24.52   LONG. 155.54.”


Mary Brewster, TUESDAY [October] 9th [1849]: “At 12, came aback this morning we were clearing land at 9 o’clock was at anchor. A number of our Arctic fleet have arrived. The pilot informed us of the death of Capt. Winters with the loss of his ship. It went ashore in a thick fog, was full, everything was lost. Capt. W- went on board of his brother’s ship the E. Frith and died about a week afterward. Mr. Damon, Capt. Fales, and several has been on board — tomorrow we go ashore to pick me out a room. How glad I am to leave the ship and do feel truly thankful to God that we have thus far been preserved amid so many dangers and are again safely at anchor and where we can hear from friends and home –“


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