Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | September 2, 2014

September 1-2, 1849

Mary Brewster, SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 1st [1849]: “Light westerly airs with beautiful clear weather. I have been busy fixing for rugged weather. Mr. B. has been on board of the Two Brothers and passed the afternoon. Finished boiling. Stowed down the oil and the decks are quite cleared up. [The day] Ends with fine weather —   LAT. 63.48    LONG. 174.44.”


Mary Brewster, SUNDAY [August] 2nd [1849]: “Quite winterish sleet and snow, real cool and misty weather. I begin to dread the passage — oh how glad I shall be if we ever get into good weather it will be a great treat. We have got a good wind and if we had a ship which would sail the passage would not be much. As it is it will take us some time longer — I’ll never go to sea again in a dull ship, never can get anywhere, at any rate I will try and keep my husband at home. Then there will be no fretting about passages being made.   LAT. 62.37   LONG. 174.44.”


Mary Lawrence’s husband’s ship, the Addison arrived at her homeport of New Bedford, MA at sunrise on June 14, 1860


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