Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | August 4, 2014

1st – 2nd August 1849

Mary Brewster, WEDNESDAY AUGUST 1st [1849]: “Working north in hopes to find whale — wind ahead. Saw a lone whale and got it; wonderful. Came in very thick and anchored. Spoke Isaac Hicks N[ew] London [CT]; done as well as we but feels poor — who would not —


Mary Brewster, THURSDAY [August] 2nd [1849]: “Bound north; a beautiful day. Followed the shore up; was within 2 miles of the land. The valleys look green whether it is grass or moss I can’t tell. Snow all gone save from the tops of the mountains. Mr. Brewster went on board the Abraham Barker and has just returned. They have taken 1,200 [barrels] this season and will get enough to go home with. Oh how I wish we could but we cannot and must make the best of it hoping it will at length prove for the best — This is a beautiful night though it is day all the time. Moon full but of not much use. Her glory is lost this season of the year. Her light is scarcely perceptible. Saw 3 ships and I hope we shall soon see and get plenty of whale. I shall be glad to be an average not below par. This is anxious trying business, but it has as few, perhaps as many others, is no occupation but has more or less perplexities. Man surely earns his bread by the sweat of his brow. Whale or no whale it is so here.”


Mary Lawrence’s husband’s ship, the Addison arrived at her homeport of New Bedford, MA at sunrise on June 14, 1860.


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