Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | July 18, 2014

July 17-18, 1849

Mary Brewster, TUESDAY [July] 17th [1849]: “House has been in confusion all day fixing the rudder, had the tiller out and put iron bands round the head to keep it together it may possibly stand till we get in port. So much for not having things properly fitted at home if they could only know how pleasant such slackness was I think they would be more particular. It has bee nothing but plague all the voyage with the old ship get one thing fixed and another forthcoming. I wish I was master here, I’d give them one good bill to look at — I know they would take more pains in future — and if I have my influence my husband shall not again be tormented with anyone’s ships or vessels — codfish & potatoes the year round would rather than thus be situated. Wind has blown fresh all day, prospect flattering for a full ship.”

Mary Brewster, WEDNESDAY [July] 18th [1849]: “Wind the same blowing fresh from south. Latter rainy. Mr. B. went on board the Henrietta and passed the afternoon at 8 got back brought me some books, [news]papers, sweetmeats & curiosities from Capt. Clough, well I hope he will go again soon if he will come thus laden. I am delighted to see something new if nothing more than old papers. Oh this dreadful dull weather and so far a tedious voyage — if it wasn’t for sewing work I should fly away –“


NOTE: During July 1849, while in the Bering Sea, Mary Brewster made daily journal entries through July 18th. After that, her entries were more sporadic. Mary Brewster did not make a journal entry for July 19, 1849.


Mary Lawrence’s husband’s ship, the Addison arrived at her homeport of New Bedford, MA at sunrise on June 14, 1860


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