Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | July 2, 2014

2nd July 1849

Mary Brewster, MONDAY JULY 2nd [1849]: “Early this morning had callers from the Plover, purser & Doctor, and Mr, Brewster went on board to breakfast. I did not see them as I thought it would not be genteel and so 8 o’clock found me in bed — I soon received a note stating my company was expected on board. I decided that it was no use, at 10 — Capt. Moore, Mr. Martin, sailing master & Doct. came on board and would not take a refusal. Accordingly I was obliged to go. I found them all very agreeable and was much pleased with my visit. The talk is tomorrow we get underway and proceed on — I hate to leave the bay, but we must begin to do something soon or we shall not see home soon — We supplied the Plover with flour bread, molasses, and butter, the latter a great luxury to them as it is very sweet and good — Got the windlass mended and I hope to have no more trouble .”

NOTE: During July 1849, while in the Bering Sea, Mary Brewster made daily journal entries through July 18th. After that, her entries were more sporadic.


Mary Lawrence’s husband’s ship, the Addison arrived at her homeport of New Bedford, MA at sunrise on June 14, 1860


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