Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | June 27, 2014

27th June 1849

Mary Brewster, WEDNESDAY JUNE 27th [1849]: “Had a good night’s rest and got up hoping the prospect would be encouraging but it was far from it — Up anchor was the sound, sent the boats to sound a bay some 10 miles and made all sail and by tacking and altering our coarse every minute or so we got through the patches of ice without hitting the ship to injure her and anchored in a fine large bay. It being calm the boats had to tow the ship. The natives all took word and as there was eleven canoes — they helped considerable — This afternoon the boats went ashore. At 8 this evening ice is coming in quite fast. It goes with the wind and the drift ice is constantly changing. I wish the wind would change so we could get south and doing something which would fill the ship. But we are here and must stay till we can get out. At 9 last night found the ice was coming in the Bay very fast. Got up the anchor and went up the bay some few miles farther. Wind shifted, ship came round, so started back again. Sounded and found 60 fathoms of water. Not liking to pay out so much chain with the certainty we should go ashore before she would bring up so kept underway till 4 this morning when we anchored in 34 fathoms. During the day ice has been going out, boat off sounding out the passage. Thus far this cruise has been more of exploring than whaling. Wonder if government would give us half-pay.”

NOTE: Mary Brewster made journal entries for June 29-30.


Mary Lawrence’s husband’s ship, the Addison arrived at her homeport of New Bedford, MA at sunrise on June 14, 1860.


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