Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | June 17, 2014

June 17, 1849

Mary Brewster, SUNDAY [June] 17th [1849]: “We cannot say, ‘Sweet day of rest’ for it has been a busy — In the first place our countenances were changed, having taken a bowhead whale — in the midst thereof the windlass was found to be broken and it took a great while to fix it as well as it could be, but now it is in bad order and not fit to use — So much for not having things properly fitted at home — Trouble never comes single-handed, one of the portuguese got hurt, and was brought into the house. I had but little charity after he had been in a short time, as only a small thump from the windlass had done the injury which was not by any means dangerous. Being handed over to my care I bathed the jaw in laudanum and did what was needful — but never in my life did I see such a fuss — groans of the loudest description, the aid of all the saints in full Catholic order were called upon and such a chattering of teeth and pretensions of fainting and all clear sham. The poor fellow was frightened half out of his wits. As he had no idea of leaving I hinted in broad tones that the air would revive him and gave him some stuff to bathe it with and soon I saw him trudging forward, probably will be ailing the rest of the season if not made to stay on deck.   LAT. 60 [Long.]   152.34.”

Mary Brewster’s remaining journal entries for this month were made on June 21-27; 29-30 of 1849.


Finally, after a voyage that lasted nearly four years, Mary Lawrence’s husband’s ship arrived at New Bedford at daylight on June 14, 1860.


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