Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | June 9, 2014

9th June 1860

Mary Brewster did not make a journal entry for this date in 1849. Mary Brewster’s remaining journal entries for this month were made for June 15, 17; 21-27; 29-30.


Mary Lawrence, [Sat.] June 9 [1860]: “A gale of wind from the northwest, directly ahead, sprang up about 6 A.M. after being calm all night. We had a great deal of lightning last night, but a little thunder. We were very much favored in that respect, as they often have very severe tempests in the Gulf Stream, I never saw such lightning before. The flashes would extend almost entirely around the horizon. This wind puts us all down. It changes the course of our proceedings altogether. Instead of being in New Bedford Saturday or Sunday, we are likely to be here some time longer. This is a time to cultivate the virtue of patience. Made 55 miles on our course in twenty-four hours.”



  1. Your info on Lydia Landers’ voyage to Honolulu is welcome news to this local historian. Do you have info on ports of call of that 7th voyage of the Morgan, esp. birth of son at Guam 1865? I have some info on her early life. Prof. J.W.Gould, Cotuit Historian

    • Good Evening J.W. Gould:

      Thanks for your email regarding Lydia Landers. You requested information about the CWM 7th Voyage; what or how much information would you like? I have selected entries from the First Officer’s (Charles Chace) private journal (also available online at Mystic Seaport’s site), as well as partial entries from the CWM logbook for the voyage of 1864-1867 (not currently online). Additionally, I have numerous primary documents (ships’ passengers’ lists) regarding her trip from MA to HI. As far as the birth of her son at Guam, actually 1866 not 1865 (although I may have the 1865 date on my blog which was made BEFORE I completed my research Spring-Summer 2013). Unfortunately, unlike some whaling wives, Lydia (as far as I know) did not keep a journal while she was at sea, although given the large number of living descendants still in CT/MA area (I have been in touch with three; but they had very little information).

      I would be glad to share whatever I have with you. Much of the information is also part of a PowerPoint I have presented on Lydia Landers. Likewise, I would appreciate whatever you have regarding her early life, as I have very little about that part of her life.

      Karlee Turner

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