Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | June 7, 2014

7th June [1849 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, THURSDAY [JUNE] 7th [1849]: “Rugged and unpleasant throughout the day, wind blowing fresh from NNW, attempted to cut in the whale, fluke chain parted and whale went to windward — beat up ship and got fast with a line which soon broke — The remainder of the day we have been beating to windward and trying to save [retrieve] the whale, it being to rough to lower a boat. At 8 PM whale astern — wind blowing hard, they will try to keep the run of it tonight. Saw several large whale. We would feel content if we could get the dead one [cut in or processed] –“

During the month of June, Mary Brewster made additional journal entries for June 8; 15, 17; 21-27; 29-30.


Mary Lawrence, [Thurs.] June 7 [1860]: “A strong breeze and rugged. The wind is not very fair, the ship hardly heading her course. We have not gone as much to the westward lately as Samuel would like to have gone. Thunder and lightning again last night. I am very glad that it comes in the night. Packed five trunks, a barrel, and two boxes today and in the afternoon washed all the dishes in the pantry, or rather scoured them. They are all white and get stained by use and not being properly washed. They look very badly. I have taken them in hand occasionally all the voyage. I also rubbed up all the spoons. I think I felt about as much fatigued when it came night as though I had been house cleaning at home. Made 178 miles in twenty-four hours.”


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