Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | May 26, 2014

26th May [1849 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, SATURDAY [MAY] 26th [1849]: “Calm nearly all day. The two Capt. Winters have spent the afternoon on board — I was perfectly astonished to see one of them make his debut on board — how he could have the impudence to come was incomprehensible. The brother I saw for a short time last voyage, he left his wife at Honolulu. It is an old remark nothing is lost by civility. I have tried to be so but really I felt as if I wished one of them had stayed on board his own ship — .”

NOTE: 26th May was Mary Brewster’s last journal entry for the month of May 1849. During the month of June she was more diligent, making entries June 1-3; 5-8; 15, 17; 21-27; 29-30.


Mary Lawrence, [Sat.] May 26 [1860]: “Very moderate. Our good ship ‘just moving her slow length along.’ Caught one fish today. Minnie raised three of them. They caught one and gave her for raising it.  The cook fried it for her supper, and it was very nice. Made 108 miles in twenty-four hours. Lightning during the night.”


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