Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | May 12, 2014

12th May [1849 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, SATURDAY [May] 12th [1849]: “Thick hazy weather with a moderate share of wind, made Round Island and at 7 this evening was about 7 miles from it. When clear of this passage we shall have sea room enough. I am tired of so much land. It was been one of the most anxious passages thus far, land ahead has been the cry ever since we put away from the Japan Sea. Everything will have an end, so fo course this voyage will, sooner or later. I pray it may be soon, very soon.   LAT. 46.46   LONG. 150.59.”

NOTE: According to a footnote (#56, page 374) found in She Was a Sister Sailor by Joan Druett, this area of the Pacific Ocean was known for constant fog, violent currents, coasts so steep it was impossible to anchor near land, and many other obstacles that ‘tries to the utmost the patience and perseverance of the mariner to acquire any knowledge respecting them.’ (original quote from a Directory for the Navigation of the North Pacific, pp. 563, 565).


Mary Lawrence, [Sat.] May 12[1860]: “This has been a very busy day. They have all been engaged in washing ship on deck, and the steward and cabin  (or steerage) boy have been cleaning the forward cabin. I wiped up a little in my apartments, as I do every Saturday, but do not wish to clean for good until we get nearer to home. I shall feel badly, after all, to give up my Addison home. It would be folly to think of spending four years less happily than the last have been spent, had it not been for the last sad home news [she had gotten news several months before of her father’s death] that causes me to dread the thoughts of going home. Made 140 miles in twenty-four hours. Caught two porpoises in the afternoon and saw a few blackfish in the morning.”


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