Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | April 7, 2014

April 7 [1849 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, SATURDAY [April] 7th [1849]: “Light winds and good weather. Made the Island of Hirado [of Japan] 60 miles off. Very high land and whether inhabited * or not I don’t know, we shall not pass it near enough to see as we are not much nearer than when we first raised [saw] it. Cossack little ways off.”

* NOTE: According to Joan Druett (She was a Sister Sailor), the Island of Hirado was populated and had been open to foreign trade since the 1500’s. When Mary Brewster saw the island from a distance during 1849, it had a large population and flourishing porcelain manufactories (page 370-371, footnote 46).


Mary Lawrence, [Fri.] APRIL 6 [1860]: “The same weather as yesterday, very disagreeable, cold, snowy, and icy. Every hour or two during the day the decks have been covered with snow. Minnie enjoys the day exceedingly in pelting with snowballs, though she always gets the worst of it. After dinner I went on deck during one of the squalls, and we all engaged in the amusement, both fore and aft. Our consort of yesterday was in sight for most of the day, but towards night we lost sight of him, as we took advantage of every minute of fair wind, which he did not. Made 70 miles in twenty-four hours.”


NOTE: By 1st April, Mary Lawrence, her husband, and daughter were headed towards Cape Horn (southern-most tip of South America), and as indicated by her journal entries, it often took days or even weeks to get to and around the Horn. Every day, as Mary noted in her journal, she endured nearly non-stop, horrible, unpredictable weather. For Mary, rounding Cape Horn this voyage took close to two weeks, between April 1-12, 1860.


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