Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | March 31, 2014

March 31, 1860

Mary Brewster, SATURDAY [MARCH ] 31st [1849]: “This has been a beautiful day, wind fair and the sea very smooth — Passed the island of Little Loochoo and saw a large ship ashore — Masts gone rigging looked as if she had not there long. As their was no one on board did not go to her. We have talked much about it but cannot tell who or where she belonged — I shall feel great interest in the matter till we find out. The probability is that no lives were lost as she is so near the shore * — Capt. Barker came on board ship sails just fast enough to be a company keeper. Ends with light breeze — LAT. 28.50   LONG. 127.34.”

* Mary wrote: “The ship proved to be a merchant ship who mistaking the passage got on the reef. All hands were saved and were well treated.”


Mary Lawrence, [Fri.] MARCH 31 [1860]: “Variable head winds and calms for the most of the day. Pleasant with the exception of a snow squall just before dark.”


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