Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | March 25, 2014

March 25, 1860

Mary Brewster made no journal entries between March 17-29, 1849.


Mary Lawrence, [Sat.] MARCH 25[1860]: “Strong breezes with a heavy sea, the usual accompaniment here. From New Zealand to Cape Horn is a long tedious route, especially at this season of the year. As we were to have roast pork for dinner, I thought I would have a luxury in the shape of stewed apple for sauce, as we had a few apples left. So I prepared them, sent and borrowed a saucepan of the cook, stewed them very nicely, sweetened them, and was just preparing to take them up when there came an extra roll which was a little more than I could manage; and my applesauce was spattered all around on the cabin floor, and the saucepan went into the pantry. Consequently our dinner was eaten minus the apple. Made 194 miles the last twenty-four hours.”


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