Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | March 10, 2014

10th March 1860

Mary Brewster did not make any journal entries between March 7-15, 1849; most likely because of her extended stay on land while at Guam.


Mary Lawrence, [Sat.] MARCH 10 [1860]: “A strong breeze, and we are now on our way before it with all sail out, studding sails, etc. as if our good ship realized that we were going home.”

PICTURED BELOW: The first drawing below is of various sails found on a 19th century sailing vessel. A studding sail is defined as: A light sail set at the side of a principal or square sail of a vessel in free winds to increase the ship’s speed. According to several Internet sights, the studding sails below are identified as sails #8, 9, 10.


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