Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | March 2, 2014

2nd March 1860

Mary Lawrence, [Fri.] MARCH 2 [1860]: “Samuel went ashore early in the morning to see if it was a good wind to go to sea. It requires a very good wind to go out. Some said they would not venture, but Captain Greaves said it was a good time; and he considered a very good pilot, he volunteered his services to go outside the heads with us, which Samuel very gladly accepted. They came on board about 9 A.M. The anchor was already up, and we soon started off, leaving the Marengo alone. Our crew gave three cheers as we were starting off.

I have said nothing about the Marengo for several days. When we first came in, Captain Weld came on board two or three times a day, but since that time I am sorry to record that he has taken to drinking so that he has not been himself for several days. Mr. Eldredge and Mr. Green [have] come aboard often. Mr. Eldredge brought me a tin of very nice huckleberries and some lozenges for Minnie, and Mr. Green brought her a very pretty Western Islands basket. The doctor sent a box of peaches on board, a small sketch of Akaroa, and a jar of peach jam. Captain Greaves brought her a jar of prunes and brought a fancy shirt, or jacket, for me to present to Samuel from him when we are in warm weather, so now I hector Samuel with a very momentous secret I have entrusted me, which will do to go with his Masonic secrets. We left Captain Greaves about 11 A.M. and thus bid farewell to Akaroa after a very pleasant sojourn of several days.”

A daguerreotype of Mary Lawrence and Minnie, circa 1851. Minnie is about three months old.

Mary Lawrence and Minnie/courtesy Francis F. Jones


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