Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | February 2, 2014

1st February 1849

Through most of January 1849, Mary Brewster made nearly daily journal entries. However, most of them are very brief.  Oftentimes, Mary’s journal entries are reflective of 19th-century whaling ships’ logs entries that typically would have been made by the captain or first officer of the vessels.

Mary Brewster, THURSDAY FEBRUARY 1st [1849]: “Squally with fresh breezes throughout the night at 4 this morning saw land, ship half a mile from it, wore ship south till daylight then saw the island very plain some 5 miles distant called [Duke of] Clarence Island [about 300 miles from Samoa]. It looked about 10 miles long and appeared covered in coconut trees. The weather has been very unpleasant all day, hard squalls of wind and rain in large supplies and a heavy bad sea and some lightening. In one of the squalls split the fore & main topsail which will make a good job to keep idle thought away.”


Mary Lawrence did not make any journal entries between January 30-February 4, 1860.


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