Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | October 13, 2013

13th October [1848, 1859 and 1861]

Mary Brewster, FRIDAY [OCT.] 13th [1848]: “Light airs and calm till noon when a light breeze sprung up with cloudy weather. The ship in sight 5 miles distant. At 2 Capt. P. came on board and stopped till night. Afternoon rainy but pleasant to us, having company. Soon after tea as the weather looked threatening, Capt. P. left, had but just got on board when we had a sudden and severe squall — They had just got the wheel ropes off and were fitting a new pair when it struck the ship and such noise for a few moments, it seemed as tho’ everything would blow in pieces — as the sail was all out. However, they got them clewed up without sustaining much damage save a rent or so. Squall lasted about 15 minutes and then settled into moderate breeze — Ends cloudy with a bad swell. Split fore-topsail, main & mizzen top gallant sails —     LAT. 37.36   No Long.”

Mary Lawrence, [Thurs.] OCTOBER 13 [1859]: “We are nicely through and have fairly commenced our passage to the Islands with 460 barrels of oil and 6,000 or 7,000 pounds of bone, the product of our season. It is very small, but I feel that we ought to be thankful even for that. It is so much better than we feared almost to the close of the season, though it is by no means what we hoped for. In consequence of our partial failure of this season, we shall be obliged to extend our cruise, before going home, several months longer than we intended and hope yet to have 3,000 barrels for the voyage.”

Eliza Williams, [Mon.] October 13 [1861]: “The weather is much better today but still blowing a strong breeze and a bad swell. This morning sent up the main top sail yard and the ship goes along much easier since the sail was set. It is 12 days tonight since we came through the Straits and we expect, if the wind holds, to get to port [of San Francisco] next Sunday.”


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