Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | September 6, 2013

September 4 [1848 and 1859]

Mary Brewster, MONDAY SEPTEMBER 4 [1848]: “After the usual amount of calms rain squalls and variable airs we got across the line [equator] and are now in the SE trades which blow very fresh making it very rough and unpleasant. We had hard rain squalls at intervals through the day. The last three weeks we have seen nothing and as the weather remains moderate and about the same it is useless to give an account of the same.   LAT. 7.54   LONG. 19.13.”

Mary Lawrence, [Sun.] SEPTEMBER 4 [1859]: “A regular northerly gale. Just the weather to go out, clear and bright, if we only had a good season’s work; but as it is, we must try to stop a little longer and see if we cannot get one more whale. We have endeavored to stay around near the place where the whale sank yesterday to see if he would not come up for us, but he has not made his appearance. Ten ships in sight today. If we could only get three or four more whales before we leave, how thankful we would be. I suppose our company received a shock yesterday that will take them some time to overcome. The wind continued through the day, towards night becoming a regular gale. Just before dark passed the Mary Frazier, the Cleone near by.”

Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries from August 28-September 4, 1861.


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