Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | September 1, 2013

1st September 1859

Mary Brewster did not make any journal entries from August 17-September 4, 1848.

Mary Lawrence, [Thurs.] SEPTEMBER 1 [1859]: “A gale of wind from the south; too rugged to lower the boats [and hunt for whales]. Saw whales several times during the day. We are standing off and on form the ice, as we suppose, not knowing where we are except by soundings, as we have not seen our position for several days. Passed the brig Victoria in the morning and the Arab in the afternoon. I went on deck to look at the last-named ship because there was a lady on board. I have been wishing to see Mrs. Grinnell all the season, but that is the nearest I have come to it as yet. It Is grand to see the ships as they rise and fall with the gigantic waves in the gale of wind, but it causes us to feel our weakness and the strength of Omnipotence more than anything of which I can conceive. ‘They that go down to the sea in ships do see the wonders of the Lord’ and must at times feel the need of a higher power than man — insignificant man, compared to Him who holds the waters in the hollow of HIs hand and commands the stormy waves. There has been a strong current generally in this ocean that it has been necessary to guard against, but this season there has been none noticed, probably on account of the abundance of ice. It is not very pleasant here in thick weather and especially now as we begin to have some night. There is the current to contend with if there be any, the ice,  some of which is very heavy, the land, and the great number of ships which are constantly going back and forth. But we have been safely kept thus far, and He can still keep us from all harm.”

Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries from August 28-September 4, 1861.


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