Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | August 27, 2013

August 27 [1859 and 1861]

Mary Brewster did not make any journal entries from August 17-September 4, 1848.

(Continued from yesterday) Mary Lawrence, [Sat.] AUGUST 27 [1859]: “Minnie begged the privilege of waiting with Sammy. She thought it would be very nice for them to sit down together, for she says, ‘It is age before young.’ Sammy says, ‘Age before beauty, you mean , Minnie’. ‘Well’, she says, ‘I don’t think we are either of us very beautiful, so I think age before young does better.’ She loves Sammy dearly, and every time he comes on board she asks me if I don’t wish he was her brother. They left for the Sharon about 10 P.M., and I presume the captain found his ship, as we saw them both in the morning of the twenty-seventh going in the ice, or rather standing near the ice along the edge of it. The ice looks heavy today. It is different from when we went in the other day. Saw a ship take a whale today, which we suppose to be the George and Susan. He was boiling also. Samuel got a latitude today and found we were in 70 degrees 12 minutes off Icy Cape, much farther north than we supposed, too far north for the whales we think, as there were but very few in the ice. Our boats saw but two, and they were among the heavy ice where a boat could not get. In the afternoon we stowed down about 50 barrels of oil. We want to go south a little now, but the wind is from the quarter, and we cannot go as we wish. Came in foggy about teatime as it did the night before; quite a swell also.”

Eliza Williams, [Thurs.] August 27th [1861]: “Last evening Capt. Foster came on board and spent the evening. His ship was quite near. He has not seen any whales, he thinks of leaving and going right whaling. He has got about 900 bbls [barrels] of oil. We have both of us come out on the West Arm to day. We are quite near the land, there is an island close by. I have taken the baby [her daughter] on deck for a little walk; she enjoyed it much, she is six months old today.”


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