Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | August 26, 2013

26th August 1859

Mary Brewster did not make any journal entries from August 17-September 4, 1848.

Mary Lawrence, [Fri.] AUGUST 26 [1859]: “Samuel thought last night he would try to work one side a little out of the fleet, and if the whales were not sad plenty, he might stand a better chance of striking one. So we ran off the first part of the night and then lay aback with only one ship ion sight of us. In the morning we were among a fleet of thirty. Lowered the boats after breakfast. There are several whales in sight, but it was a dead calm and the whales were going quick. After our boats came on board, our old consort the Julian ran down to us. Captain Winegar and Sammy came on board for a short time, and right glad were we to see them. He has taken nothing yet and feels very badly. He lost an anchor and chain in the Strait. He said when he was with us before that Old Hagar had had his foot on him all the voyage. I asked him now if he had yet taken off. He replied that he was bearing him down now harder than ever. I sincerely hope he may do well yet. After dinner he left us and went into the ice with his boats. After tea spoke the Sharon, Captain Swift. As it was foggy, he came on board. Soon afterward Captain Winegar came; he could not see his ship. We blew foghorns all the evening and fired several guns but heard no answering signals. We had some coffee made and got supper for Captain Winegar. We all sat down and enjoyed it very much. Minnie begged the privilege of waiting with Sammy. She thought it would be very nice for them to sit down together….” (To be continued August 27).

Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries from August 22-26, 1861.


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