Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | August 16, 2013

16th August [1848 and 1859]

Whaling wifeMary Brewster, WEDNESDAY [Aug.] 16th [1849]: “Once more in the region of calms and variable winds, weather very warm and sultry. Saw a ship bound to the north and one to the south — but we sail so very slow that they soon leave us a long ways behind. How provoking to have everything leave you — when a sail in sight it is so pleasant. Poor dull Tiger, we know you look like a book and if you will once more carry us to land we have left Thy speed shall never more trouble us — neither shall you ever be burdened with me or mine again — At 8 tacked ship which is something for a change.   LAT. 13.57   LONG. 25.44.”

Mary Lawrence, [Mon.] AUGUST 15 [1859]: “Did not finish cutting in until half-past 1 A.M.; had considerable trouble. It was a very large whale, and inclining to sink, it caused them much trouble. Saw whales and lowered the boats several times without success. After tea spoke the Henry Kneeland. Captain Kelley came on board and passed the evening. He has taken nothing this season. He brought us two packages of papers that were sent to us from Honolulu, one from J. S. Walker  and the other from H.W. Severance. They were very acceptable. We learned that the vessel that we saw boiling [the whale blubber into oil] yesterday was the bark Fortune, Captain Lester; his first whale also. We commenced boiling this afternoon. Plenty of ships in sight.”

Eliza Williams was silent between August 15-17, 1861.


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