Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | August 9, 2013

August 9 [1859 and 1861]

Mary Brewster did not make any journal entries between August 9-15, 1848.

Mary Lawrence, [Tues.] AUGUST 9 [1859]: “Quite clear with a strong breeze still from the north. We have been beating for the last ten days. Have seen considerable floating ice during the day. In the afternoon spoke the Rebecca Sims. Captain Hawes came on board and stopped until half-past 11 P.M. His wife remains at Hilo this season. He has taken nothing this season, twenty-two months out, 400 barrels *. We heard  by him that whale oil in April was down to forty-six cents per gallon. If that was the case, probably our oil that we sent home was sold much lower than we supposed it would be. I wish we had all on board that we have taken this voyage. Oh, how many poor souls there are around here just now, and we all bid fair to leave the ground in the same condition. These are trying times. Eight ships in sight. Land in sight all day.”

* NOTE: 400 barrels of oil is equivalent to 12,600 gallons of oil (each barrel holds about 31.5 gallons). So, the value of ‘oil taken this season’ would be approximately $5,796.00.

Eliza Williams, [Sun.] August 9th [1861]: “They finished cutting in the whale about 12 o’clock last night. The boats have all been off today [hunting for whales] but my husband’s. About noon, Mr. Morgan brought a large whale alongside. It was a little foggy all morning in shore and when it lit up about ten o’clock, here was Mr. Morgan and the fourth mate, Br. Braly, with a whale almost to the ship. The tide was against them and they could not bring it alongside,, so we took the anchor and went to meet them.  They have now gone to try and get another as they saw plenty more. The Othello and the Ontario have been very lucky in here having each of them taken over one thousand bbls. of oil in a very short time. We have now come to anchor in a bite in the land, or a very small Bay. When we got in here, we found at anchor a large whale with a pretty little American ensign stuck in it. It looks very nice from deck, we are close to the land and it looks green and pretty, but there is some snow yet.”


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