Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | August 8, 2013

8th August [1848, 1859, and 1861]

Mary Brewster, TUESDAY [mistake] 8th [Wed.] 1848: “Light wind from NE with fine weather — Saw a Brig standing to the NW. The weather warm and so uniform I long for a change — The water seems alive with fish, large schools all around which afford some amusement to the crew in trying to catch them — Caught a large shark which was playing astern, it was soon dispatched and thrown overboard. The delight of the sailor is to kill every one they can get.   LAT. 27.59   LONG. 26.48.”

Mary Lawrence, [Mon.] AUGUST 8 [1859]: “Foggy more or less throughout the day. Spoke the John Howland, Captain Wheldon; picked up one dead whale this season. Thirteen ships in sight. Passed the Eliza Adams; saw the bark Fortune.”

Eliza Williams, [Sat.] August 8th [1861]: “We have had a very fine day. Early this morning, they raised whales from aloft. My husband and all boats went down [into the water]. The fourth mate struck a large cow whale. They had to tow it against a strong head tide and we went to meet them with the ship and took the whale alongside. About 4 o’clock, I went up to see her, she is a monster; I should think a third longer than the ship. I could not begin to tell how large in circumference, might take a little walk on her. She was very wide across the throat. They commenced cutting right away and are still cutting this evening. They have just hove the head in and I have been up to see it. It is a monster head and splendid bone. It looks inside the mouth like a good-sized room.”


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