Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | August 2, 2013

2nd August [1859 and 1861]

Mary Brewster is did not make a journal entry for this date in 1848.

Mary Lawrence, [Tues.] AUGUST 2 [1859]: “A strong breeze, but they thought I put my clothes out, they would dry in a short time, and I foolishly did. So the consequence was that I have old rags enough now to supply the whole ship. I found how they were going and took them in the cabin to dry, not, however, until several garments were torn past mending.”

Eliza Williams, August 2 [1861]: “It has been a lovely day and quite mild although we are in 61 and over latitude. That is farther north than I have ever been. This morning, we had two boats go up the Bay to see if they could find whales. Mr. Morgan [went] out for whales as soon as he got down, so we had two other boats go down. One of them had a boatsteerer for a boat header, and one to strike the whale for our third officer is sick with a bad cold. In fact, most every one on board have got bad colds. The last named boat struck a whale soon after they lowered and soon killed it, but the tide was running so fast and against them that they could not bring the whale alongside till the tide changed. So we got the ship under way and went after it and soon had it alongside, for it was not far off. A boatload of Russians came alongside and it was amusing to see them when we cut the whale in. They laid in a boatload of meat and ate all they wanted. They are dirty looking set; they don’t look as if water ever touched them. They are dressed in dirty looking skins. Our whale is very small and won’t make but about 100 bbls [barrels].”


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