Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | July 25, 2013

July 24 [1848, 1859 and 1861]

Mary Brewster wrote on July 13, her first entry in several months, that during this voyage….”It is not my intention to keep a daily account during the passage as it is tedious and uninteresting….”  However, on MONDAY, [July] 24th [1848] Mary wrote: “The recruits are all obtained and 5 portuguese in the bargain — which makes up our number. At 4 this afternoon we were once more underway and bound for Fayal — having taken a passenger with us. An old man who wishes to see his son who is sick at Fayal. He has been some 20 years at Macao China and is said to be very rich. Talks English a little and seems to be a pleasant old Cogger as he is on deck most of the time he is not in the way — the blows quite hard and head beat sea makes the ship pitch badly so I shall fix the sofa for our friend to sleep on and leave the gentlemen to amuse themselves –”

Mary Lawrence, [Sun.] JULY 24 [1859]: “Quite thick [fog]. Saw St. Lawrence Bay [in the Arctic] and the land all along the coast in that vicinity.”

Eliza Williams made sporadic journal entries during July 1861. Friday, July 24 [1861]: “We have had another foggy, wet unpleasant day. Calm most all day, we have to feel our way along for we know that the land is not very far off. Tonight, a man was sent aloft to see if he could see anything from there. He saw the tops of the mountains over the fog, some miles off. This morning, we had a thunder shower. I thought then, it would clear up and we would have a fine day, but not so.”


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