Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | July 17, 2013

July 17, 1861

Mary Brewster wrote on July 13, her first entry in several months, that during this voyage….”It is not my intention to keep a daily account during the passage as it is tedious and uninteresting….”  Therefore, true to her word, Mary did not make any journal entries from July 14 through July 17, 1848. Her next entry for 1848, was made on Tuesday, July 18th — that entry will be posted here Thursday.

Mary Lawrence did not make any journal entries from July 14 – 17, 1859.

Eliza Williams, [Fri.] July 17th [1861]: “We have had a very pleasant day. Since morning the wind has increased to a gale, and is still increasing tonight. The ship is pitching very bad and the great waves come dashing against the ship furiously, now and then one coming over the bows. The wind roars and altogether it is dismal enough. The other ships are pitching very bad. Our boats are all off and have had to take to the beach long before this. It is very lucky that Capt. R and my husband got back early this morning; they came back about three o’clock. I had a very unpleasant night of it; I was much worried, I stayed up all night, except a few moments two or three times I layed down to still the children and keep them to sleep. It was a splendid night and broad daylight till 12 o’clock and quite light till one. There is hardly any night in this country [at this time of year]. I was on deck a number of times through the night to look for the boats. I could not think what had become of them but they came back all safe. They were in the river waiting for the tide to turn. It had gone out and left them on the flats. They built a large fire, killed some ducks and Capt. Randolph cooked them; so they made themselves quite comfortable. They could not trade with the natives who did not want to sell their nice fat deer, though they had a great many. They offered for sale the poor ones that they or any one else would not want. They made out to buy one young one, Capt. Randolph had half.”


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