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Lydia Landers heads towards Honolulu

Mary Brewster wrote on July 13, her first entry in several months, that during this voyage….”It is not my intention to keep a daily account during the passage as it is tedious and uninteresting….”  Therefore, true to her word, Mary did not make any journal entries from July 14 through July 17, 1848. Her next entry for 1848, was made on Tuesday, July 18th. That means the entry will appear here Thursday, July 18, 2013.

Mary Lawrence did not make any journal entries from July 14 – 17, 1859.

Eliza Williams made sporadic journal entries during July 1861. She did not make a journal entry for this date in 1861.

Looking Towards the C. W. Morgan’s Re-Launch

On July 21, 2013; Mystic Seaport will RE-launch their historical whaleship, the Charles W. Morgan after four years of refurbishing from the water line down. Built at New Bedford and launched during 1841, the Morgan is the world’s only surviving wooden whaleship. During the Morgan’s eighty years at sea, only five captains’ wives lived aboard while the ship whaled throughout the world’s oceans. Lydia Ann (Goodspeed) Landers was the Morgan’s FIRST whaling wife or sister-sailor/petticoat whaler, to live at sea with her husband. She lived aboard the Morgan from November 1864 through June 1867.

For the past four months, I have been researching Lydia, piecing together HERstory (history but about a woman, hence HERstory) in preparation for presenting her to the world in “real-time”. That is, I will be dressed in a historically accurate costume researched, designed and constructed by Mystic Seaport staff; and sharing Lydia’s story in first-person. May my presentation of Lydia do her person justice and may I share her life story with accuracy. Below, to pique your interest are a few tidbits from her life, which may serve to propel you towards Mystic Seaport for the Morgan’s historical re-launching on July 21, 2013.

Part III of Lydia A. Goodspeed Landers cross-continent excursion

Lydia Ann Goodspeed having celebrated her 22nd birthday just two months before, married Thomas C. Landers on October 20, 1863. The whaling vessel, Charles W. Morgan departed from New Bedford, MA on December 1, 1863.  Although this voyage was to become the first for the Morgan in which a wife accompanied her husband, Lydia was not on board when the Morgan left New Bedford for a voyage that would last approximately three and half years; December 1, 1863 – June 12, 1867. For reasons that still remain unknown, Lydia did not join her husband until November 1864 while the ship was at the port of Honolulu, Hawaii – nearly 5,000 miles from Massachusetts, in the midst of the American Civil War. 

So, HOW DID Lydia travel safely along such a long distance? She travelled first class for several months from MA, to NY, to Panama, to San Francisco and finally to Hawaii; primarily by steamship, then the Panama Railroad, by steamship again, and then by way of a clipper ship. Below is an estimated itinerary (most based on research of primary documents; some based on common sense and logic) for Lydia A. Goodspeed Landers’ 5,000 mile excursion. The entire trip cost approximately $425.00 from NY to Honolulu. Dates noted with an asterisk indicate that the information came from and was confirmed by one or more primary source documents.

August 3, 1864   Lydia departs NYC for Panama by way of steamer, North Star.

August 16, 1864   Lydia arrives at Panama. * (Source: NY Daily Tribune; August and Sept. issues)

August 16/17, 1864   Lydia takes the railroad from Aspinwall (east coast) to Panama

August 16/17, 1864   At Panama, Lydia boards the steamship, Golden City * (Source-ditto above)

September 16, 1864 After stopping at Acapulco, the Golden City arrives at San Francisco * (Source: Daily Alta CA, Sept. 16)

October 13, 1864   Smyrniote departs San Francisco, Lydia travels First Class * (Source: The Friend newspaper)

October 27, 1864   Lydia arrives Honolulu, Hawaii aboard Smyrniote * (Source: The Friend newspaper)

November 23, 1864   The Charles W. Morgan arrives at Honolulu, Hawaii * (Source: The Friend newspaper)

November 23-N0vember 30 (estimated)  Lydia boards the C. W. Morgan

December 3, 1864   The Morgan departs Honolulu and sails westward; Lydia is aboard to begin her life in her home upon the ocean.


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