Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | July 11, 2013

11th July 1861

Eliza Williams made sporadic journal entries during July 1861. Eliza wrote: [Sat.] July 11th [1861]: “We have had a very bad day. Last night, they came down and called my husband. It was breezing up a good deal of swell coming in, and the ship was dragging her anchor. When I woke, she was going right along with it. They took it up not far from one o’clock and got under way and not long after, it was blowing a gale from the Northeast and has continued so through the day. The ship rolling pretty bad and the water coming over some. Tonight, it is about over but a bad swell. The other ships are anchor yet. We have passed quite near the Jeanette once, and within hailing distance of the South Boston. They seemed to be riding at anchor quite easy then, but had been throwing the water well a few minutes before. We will not anchor till morning. I have been seasick most all day. We have not much sail out now and she is much easier, and I have got about over being sick.”

Mary Lawrence did not make any journal entries from July 8 – 12, 1859.

Mary Brewster’s journal for her voyage from 1845 – 1848 ended on March 8, 1848 when the Tiger arrived home (Stonington, CT). Mary and her husband, Samuel did not return to sea for their last voyage until June 1848. However, Mary’s journal-writing did not resume until July 13, 1848. Therefore, Mary Brewster’s entries will resume on this blog starting July 13, 2013.


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