Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | June 27, 2013

June 26, 1861

Eliza Williams made sporadic journal entries during June 1861. On June 26th, 1861, Eliza wrote: “Spoke the ship Rousseau this afternoon, Capt. Green; he came aboard and stopped a short time. He has taken one whale that make 125 bbls [barrels] of oil, this season. There are two other ships in sight and a bark. There are a great many small land birds aboard the ship. I suppose they must have been blown off for the land is some ways off. There are several kinds, a little wren has been aboard several days. It is quite at home, flying about the cabin and lighting on the bird cage.”

Mary Lawrence, did not make a journal entry for Sun. June 26, 1859.

Mary Brewster’s journal for her voyage from 1845 – 1848 ended on March 8, 1848 when the Tiger arrived home (Stonington, CT). Mary and her husband, Samuel did not return to sea for their last voyage until June 1848. However, Mary’s journal-writing did not resume until July 13, 1848. Therefore, Mary Brewster’s entries will resume on this blog starting July 13, 2013.


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