Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | June 7, 2013

June 7, 1861

Eliza Williams made sporadic journal entries during June 1861. On Sunday, June 7th she wrote: “Willie has met with a bad accident this afternoon. He was playing in one of the Staterooms and fell off from the Chest and cut his lip open very badly — with his teeth, we suppose. It bled a good deal. His Pa sewed it up. The poor little Fellow bore it better than I thought he would. We are in hopes it will not leave a bad scar.”

Mary Lawrence, [Tues.] June 7 [1859]: “During the night the wind increased to a moderate gale. Lay to in the afternoon.”

Mary Brewster’s journal for her voyage from 1845 – 1848 ended on March 8, 1848 when the Tiger arrived home (Stonington, CT). Mary and her husband, Samuel did not return to sea for their last voyage until June 1848. However, Mary’s journal-writing did not resume until July 13, 1848. Therefore, Mary Brewster’s entries will resume on this blog starting July 13, 2013.


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