Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | April 22, 2013

April 22, 1861

Mary Brewster’s journal for her voyage from 1845 – 1848 ended on March 8, 1848 when the Tiger arrived home (Stonington, CT). Mary and her husband, Samuel did not return to sea for their last voyage until June 1848. However, Mary’s journal-writing did not resume until July 13, 1848.

Mary Lawrence’s journal will resume May 1, 1859.

Eliza Williams made sporadic journal entries from Feb. 27 – May 7, 1861. Eliza’ s future journal entries will be posted on April 22 and 23. Today, on April 22, 1861, Eliza wrote: “We have had good winds ever since leaving the Islands and are quite thankful for them, as we are in a hurry to get along. Have had beautiful weather but very warm. According to our reckoning, we have to throw away this day. We are today in East Longitude. Consequently, today is Monday, though we keep it as Sunday.”


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