Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | April 4, 2013

April 4, 1865

From 1862 through 1865, Jane Worth was living on board the Gazelle with her captain-husband, Daniel. The whaling vessel had departed the northeast in the Autumn of 1862. On Monday, April 3, 1865 she wrote: “Fine weather and light breezes from Westerly. Sent down the mizzen royal & topgallant and topsail yards, top g. mast & topmast. The head of the mast being rotten, and new cross-trees [yardarms] to be made. Carpenter at work repairing them. Yesterday the mail steamer arrived, brought three letters for Capt. Worth. Tried hard to seal a Dutch boy, but did not succeed. Rained hard all afternoon. Bought a few baskets of potatoes and a few pumpkins.”

However, with stark contrast to Jane’s journal, is another; that of the Gazelle’s fourth mate (name unknown) who clearly demonstrates his dislike for the captain and/or his wife, as well as carrying her aboard.

He wrote, “….We are always bound somewhere in a hurry and before we get there a change of mind follows and we are bound somewhere else….one kind of coffee has to be made for the Capt. and wife and mate, another for the three inferior officers, and another for the boatsteerers….His majesty eat dinner with us and then at 2 p.m. eat a hearty dinner with his wife of a nice stew, a pudding, a bread, cheese, and coffee, and at 5 p.m. eat a goodly allowance of supper, and then complained of his appetite being poor….all these passages and hindrances are due to a female. The best place for a female is home.  It takes two all the time to tend to her wants, besides 28 dogs [crew/sailors] at her command. There is no other command in this ship. Everything is at her bidding….”

The fourth mates personal journal will be continued tomorrow.


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