Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | March 8, 2013

8th March 1848

Mary Brewster, WEDNESDAY MARCH 8, 1848: “We had a fine SE breeze, during the night the best steerers were put at the wheel — At 11 AM, sounded and found we were near Montauk Point [NY; where Long Island Sound meets the Atlantic Ocean]. It soon cleared up, we were 5 miles distant. Spoke a New London pilot-boat. Saw another one and found it was an old pilot who had friends on board our ship and he had always taken Mr. B. in he came on board and continued fair and at 3 o’clock PM dropped anchor at Stonington harbor [CT] — and it was hardly known we arrived, we went directly in so quickly and so still — We soon left our old home [Tiger] and found our friends all well — and glad to see us — ”   HOME AT LAST!!!!

NOTE: Samuel and Mary Brewster remained at Stonington [CT] through June 1848, when they returned to sea for another whaling voyage that lasted through May 1851. There is no known journal kept by Mary during her three months at home (on land). When she went back to sea, she began another whaling journal, but her entries are less thorough and therefore sporadic.  Mary Brewster’s (July) 1848-1851 journal entries will resume on July 13, 1848 (and will be posted here, beginning July 13, 2013).

Mary Lawrence did not make a journal entry for this date during 1859.

Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries from Feb. 27 – Mar. 25, 1861.


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