Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | February 7, 2013

February 7 [1848, 1859, 1861]

Mary Brewster, MONDAY [Feb.] 7th [1848]: “Took the trades this morning very fresh have continued through the day making it very rugged. Some movements today which if I should judge the Tiger was to be dressed in a new coat and green it is to be.   LAT. 3.12   LONG. 40.30.”

Mary Lawrence, [Mon.] FEBRUARY 7 [1859]: “Samuel went fishing today but had fisherman’s luck: got no fish. The tides are low now, but little water in the lagoons where they want to fish. Mr. Parker brought home the largest turtle that I ever saw. Took several men to lift it.”

Eliza Williams, [Sat.] February 7th [1861]: “Towards night I saw a large Leopard Shark. He came close to the stern of the Ship, so that I could look right down upon him. He looked awful and yet was handsome, the beautiful, bright, round spots on him all over, showing many colors under the water. He had a fin on his back and went through the water very fast. He was as long as a Whale boat, had a large flat head and was for a long time playing about the Ship with his mouth wide open to catch fish, till Mr. Morgan came alongside and chased him a little way and hove a spade into him, but he sis not fasten to him. They say this kind of Shark is the worst kind.”


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