Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | January 29, 2013

29th January [1848 and 1861]

Mary Brewster, SATURDAY [Jan.] 29 [1848]: “Pleasant weather with light breezes from ESE. At 9 AM made the land and by noon was at anchor in Penambuco roads [or Pernambuc0 Recife in Brazil and pictured below], about 5 miles from land. In the afternoon husband went ashore and by dark was here as he could not get what he wished till Monday. He brought a late newspaper which I soon perused with a shipping list, but no letters, well we are not disappointed as we thought it improbable. I have passed the day very pleasantly in looking at the shore and watching the little catamarans as they are called, which appear like logs fastened together with a seat raised at one end or at each, where they set. A number of these have passed the ship and some are as far as I can see with the glass beyond in the distance fishing. These tiny things are supplied with a large three-cornered sail and sail very fast. They are owned by the poorer class of people, whose chief employment is fishing. I expect to go ashore in the morning to stay till MOnday with Mr. Davis  family to spend the time. They are Americans and have lived here 5 years.”  Pernambuco Recife Brazil


Mary Lawrence did not make a journal entry for this date in 1859.

Eliza Williams, [Thur.] January 29th [1861]: “We heard tonight, by way of the boats, that the People had been obliged to leave the Town. The Men from the boats saw them this morning on the beach — Men, Women, and Children. They told them that a gang of Men, calling themselves Liberals, came there to rob them and they left everything, not having time to go into their houses to save anything. Those that could, took their horses, but the Liberals go around the Country plundering such small places and driving People off till they are obliged to settle in some other secluded spot. There was one old Gentleman among these few, cut in the forehead and wrist pretty badly.”


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