Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | January 19, 2013

19th January [1859 and 1861]

Mary Brewster did not make a journal entry for this date 1848.

Mary Lawrence, [Wed.] JANUARY 19 [1859]: “Captain Fish of the Victoria, fifty or sixty miles up the lagoon, was here this morning by daylight; came down for bomb lances. Passed the most of the day with us. Our steward set out to go ashore after wood this morning, fell in with a Spanish boat that had liquor, bought a good supply; then they went in the bushes and had a regular spree. After our boats came back from whaling, as he had not returned, Samuel sent Mr. Parker to look them up. He found them just arousing from their carousal. They came back looking quite crest fallen. We feared they had run, and it was quite a relief to me to have the steward to come back, although I have lost confidence in him. He is an excellent steward, and that is all you can say.”

Eliza Williams, [Mon.] January 19th [1861]: “We had a  nice day today and spent it very pleasantly. Capt. Fish and his Wife and Capt. Fuller have been aboard and spent the day and evening. They have been up to one of the rivers, to a small settlement. When they came back, they quite amused us with their description of the place and People. They were only a few People, who lived in a kind of grass house. They were dressed quite well. One Man was teaching some four or five Children, under a tree, and at the same time cooking his breakfast, One Man, they said, was very sad. He had been obliged to flee to this place from where he lived, on account of the revolution, and leave all his Family and property behind. His life had been threatened. These People kept all their valuables hid in the woods for fear of the enemies’ stealing from them. Our Folks liked the looks of the place. There were plenty of lime trees, loaded with Fruit, and plenty of Game, some handsome Birds — but the river is full of Sharks and Alligators — a great many out running on the Beach. They said they looked awful, with their mouths open, but did not offer to touch anyone. They were well pleased with their jaunt that they have promised to take us Ladies some day.”



  1. They must be in Scammon’s lagoon, where California grey whales resort to breed and calve. The greys were sometimes called devil fish, if I recall, because they would protect their calves fiercely. That may be why they are using bomb lances.

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