Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | January 12, 2013

January 12 [1859 and 1861]

Mary Brewster did not make a journal entry for this date in 1848.

Mary Lawrence, [Wed.] JANUARY 12 [1859]: “A beautiful day for our visit [gam with the Scotland]. We left about 10 A.M. and returned in the evening. Had a delightful visit. I was very happy to go on my own account but doubly delighted that Minnie could enjoy the society of girls at sea, they being the first she has seen this voyage. Captain Week’s oldest daughter is eleven years old, and she and Minnie enjoyed each other’s society very much. Samuel did not pass the day with us, as he was busy cutting and boiling, but he went early and took tea. ” 

Eliza Williams, [Mon.] January 12th [1861]: “It has been a fine day and a good breeze. We made the Cape called Cape St. Lucas, about noon. After dinner we went ashore and spent 3 or 4 hours very pleasantly with Capt. Fish, Wife and little Boy. It is not much of a place. There are quite a number of grass houses — or Mexican houses — and two frame ones, one of them a very large one, owned and occupied by an Englishman. He has a Mexican Wife and several rather pretty Children. We went to his house. An American lives in the small house. They treated us very kindly. It is quite warm on shore, though it is the winter season. It is also the dry season and everything looked like it. It is very sandy, and it was with difficulty we could walk to the house — only a short distance from the boat….”


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