Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | December 31, 2012

31st December [1847, 1858 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, FRIDAY [Jan.] 31st [1847]: “Did not sleep scarcely an hour through the night. The ship lay very uneasy owing to a bad sea and the whale which prevented having sail out. Mr. Brewster up nearly all night. Ship plunged her stern [into the sea] so heavily I was fearful that it would stoven [break the ship’s planking] in. Several efforts was made to have the ship lay easy but all was of no use. I was so thankful when the light appeared, alas, the weather was no better, wind and rain as formerly and I was willing and almost hoped they would let it [whale] loose. This afternoon they made the third attempt and cut in the body and let the head go, by night got it all in and started the try works, I am exceedingly glad to have it [whale] on deck, don’t wish to have another one in tow for fear the ship would not hold out. Saw a ship heading south. Closes with the weather more moderate. Ship once more heading her course.”

Mary Lawrence, [Fri.] DECEMBER 31 [1858]: “Yesterday we were following down the California coast. Today we made Magdalena Island. P.M. As we were going up the bay saw four ships at anchor. We went as long as we could see, as Samuel wishes to go farther up the lagoon to get wood, and then probably we shall come down again. Anchored at dark in twenty-five fathoms of water.”

Eliza Williams, [Wed.] December 31st [1860]: “The Steamer, Golden Age, passed this forenoon, on her way to San Francisco. When our boats returned at night, they brought a large package of papers that they had thrown from the Steamer to them. The other boats that they had thrown from the Steamer to them. The other boats got a lot also. They were, with the exception of 2 or 3 New York papers, all late San Francisco ones so that I suppose they must have passed the other Steamer on her way to New York and exchanged papers.”


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