Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | November 22, 2012

November 22 [1857 and 1863]

Mary Brewster (1847), Mary Lawrence (1858), and Eliza A. Williams (1860) did make any journal entries for this date. Although Mary Lawrence did make a journal entry about Thanksgiving in 1857; she wrote:

Mary Lawrence, THURSDAY NOVEMBER 26 [1857]: “Probably it is Thanksgiving at home, and as Father, Mother, brothers, and sisters gather around the festive board, may they bestow one thought on their children who are wanderers on the sea. As it was blowing quite fresh and a heavy sea, we made no preparation for a special dinner. We were intending to be at Rarotonga about that time, but the wind changed so that we could not fetch. After that we hoped to fetch Aitutaki [LAT. 18.83 S, LONG. 159.76 W] but it was of no use. I am much disappointed, for I depended upon the nice fruit we could get there for trade, also pork and fowls. We were in want of wood from the island, but we shall be obliged to wait until the cruise is up and touch somewhere on our way to the Islands.”

Thomas Nast’s “Thanksgiving Day 1863“

The above illustration, titled “Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1863″, is one of many of Thomas Nast’s touching prints of Lady Liberty. The print is a centerfold from an original 1863 Harper’s Weekly. The print shows Lady Liberty kneeling, in earnest prayer for peace. She is surrounded by inset images of the Nation in prayer. A group of slaves is shown praying for freedom. Another inset shows the inside of a church, the congregation praying for peace. In the lower right corner a group in the country can be seen on their knees praying. In the upper image, Abraham Lincoln can be seen on his knees praying for guidance. Two other insets show prayers by the Army and the Navy.


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