Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | November 13, 2012

12th-13th November, 1860

Mary Brewster (1847) did not make any journal entries from Nov. 12-14, 1847.

While staying at Honolulu for six weeks, Mary Lawrence did not make any journal entries from October 16 – November 29, 1858. Her journal entries will resume on Nov. 30.

Eliza Williams, made two entries for [Mon.] November 12th [1860]: “We have gained this day by crossing the meridian — and a very unpleasant one it is, too. It has been wet and cold, raining and hailing — a strong breeze most of the time, and among the rest of our trials we lost a man overboard this afternoon. He was standing on the rail, doing something or other, and fell overboard. The Ship was going very fast, but not so fast as she had been going a half hour before. I do not think we could have saved him then. They threw an oar over for him to catch while they were lowering a boat. He swam well, but could not have stood it more than a minute longer. I knew that something was wrong when I heard the confusion on deck, getting the Ship around and lowering away a boat in such a time. I was afraid they would not get to him before he was gone and was relieved and thankful that he was saved. He was a forward hand and a Portuguese.” END PART II.

AND…..Eliza’s entry for Nov. 13th:

Eliza Williams, [Tues.] November 13th [1860]: “It has been blowing a gale all day and is still increasing. I think that we have the worst part of the gales in the night. It is a fair wind and we are going right along.”


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