Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | October 29, 2012

29th October 1847

Mary Brewster, FRIDAY [Oct.] 29 [1847]: “Light airs and pleasant weather. William sat down early this morning with me hoping to get his accounts settled and arranged, when all of a sudden the cry of sperm whale close to the ship. He very composedly continued his writing till the mate came to the door and said, ‘here is a school of sperm whale, less lower and get a fellow.’ — ‘Are you sure they are sperm’ — ‘Oh yes, here they are right astern’ — ‘Well, lower away’ — and quickly vanished bills, paper, pen and ink — Having only two boats on the cranes and these not fitted it took some time to get them fixed and lowered — One boat got fast immediately and soon had a whale dead. The other was seen some ways off and a boat was got down, fitted and sent to see what they had as they were still. By 12 both were to the ship with two whale, one very small, make 5 bbls [about 150 gallons], the other 25 [about 788 gallons] bbls — by 7 PM both were cut in and try pots started.”

Mary Lawrence (1858) made no journal entries between October 16 – November 29, 1858; while staying at Honolulu.

Eliza Williams (1860) made no journal entries between October 19 – 31, 1860.


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