Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | October 11, 2012

11th October and 1869 Godey’s

Amazingly, by some quirk of fate, not one of our three whaling wives: Mary Brewster (1847), Mary Lawrence (1858) and Eliza Williams (1860) – made a journal entry for this date in their respective years.

However, as an alternative blog, here is a fashion plate from Godey’s Lady’s Book dated March 1869, Plate 41.

Plate 41. March 1869. Fig. a. Green silk dress, trimmed with a row of knotted fringe and bias satin bands. Black velvet cloak without sleeves, trimmed with satin; satin belt and a large satin bow and ends in back. Green silk bonnet. Fig. b. Boy’s suit of Havana brown cashmere, with pants and blouse. High boots of black kid. Straw hat. Fig. c. Dinner-dress of mauve silk. Underskirt is a lighter shade, trimmed with five narrow pinked ruffles; the upper skirt is cut in deep scallops, trimmed with ruffles. Low square corsage. Black lace cape, fastened by a satin bow. Hair heavily crimped, with a headdress of purple flowers and black lace. Fig. d. Walking dress of wine Irish poplin, with two skirts; the upper one puffed. Heavy black corded-silk cloak, trimmed with lace and satin pipings. Black felt hat. Fig. e. Watteau style evening dress. The underskirt is white silk, edged with a flounce headed with a plaited quilling. The upper dress is tulle, looped up with sprays of roses and leaves. The neck is finished with a wreath of flowers, which also forms the sleeves. Hair rolled and finished with a wreath of roses. Fig. f. Walking dress of black silk. The lower skirt is trimmed with three quillings of blue silk; the upper skirt forms a pannier in the back, looped up with silk bows. The front is cut in apron form, and is blue silk. Blue corsage and sleeves; small black silk cape. Bonnet of white uncut velvet.


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