Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | September 9, 2012

9th September [1847, 1858 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, THURSDAY [Sept.] 9th [1847]: “The Ontario sailed yesterday and Mrs. Greene is on her way home, we miss her very much with her husband. Capt. Hubbard left today in the Parachute [from New Bedford, MA]; so they go. We now stop at Capt. Makee’s all the while, find them a very pleasant family. Made a few calls this afternoon and did some shopping. Husband has a bad cold, and is far from well tonight. Mrs. Peck [wife of a Honolulu merchant] called this afternoon, she is calculating to go home in the Brutus –”

Mary Lawrence, [Thurs.] SEPTEMBER 9 [1858]: “We kept on last night as long as Samuel deemed it safe, he sitting up until eleven o’clock; then wore ship for an hour or two. About 6 A.M. raised East Cape right ahead, which we were all very happy to see, as it showed us our position which we had not positively known for a number of days. Came through the Strait flying with all sail set and a strong northerly wind. We are now off St. Lawrence Bay [in the northwest portion of North America, NOT the northwest], 7 P.M., with one sail in sight. The land along the coast looks barren, cheerless, dreary, more so than when we came in, as it was warmer and pleasanter then. We miss those long days that we then enjoyed. Now we experience quite long dark nights.”

Eliza Williams, [Sun.] September 9th [1860]: “About three O’clock we saw two of our boats coming, towing something that we supposed to be a Whale. We got under way to go and meet them, and we saw that they came along fast. When they got alongside, lo, it was a White Fish. They had skinned it, so that it looked small. They hoisted it right in on deck with a small tackle. I never saw one before. It is quite a sight, It is just as white as snow, not a spot on it, about as large as a Black Fish — short teeth like them, a small head and small flukes and fins. He is just as fat as butter. Have not seen a Whale today.”


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