Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | September 6, 2012

September 6 [1847, 1858 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, MONDAY [Sept.] 6th [1847]: “Have been out shopping today, visited every store and have seen the largest part of Honolulu, which is quite a pretty place and well laid out with some handsome houses and good roads — the Columbus Capt. Fish arrived today. I first met him when we were coming out. By him I had letters from my very dear friend, Mrs. Winslow, who wrote me very particularly about the children. How much I want to see that dear woman — Mrs. Damon & sister called this evening and we are all invited up there the coming day. Husband quite unwell, but feels better tonight. The Kamehameha did not sail as usual tonight so Dr. Winslow is yet with us — Late papers have been received from home which was the very melancholy intelligence of Mrs. Beck’s death, supposed she jumped overboard in the night on her passage home. Poor woman, how sad thy end — how mournful thou must have been and what feelings must have been thy companions to have made thee forget that Mother which when I saw thee thou so much wish[ed] to see. Oh God, forsake me not.”

Mary Lawrence, [Mon.] SEPTEMBER 6 [1858]: “Rainy, foggy and cloudy as usual, but the wind has gone down. It is very seldom these days that we are able to get an observation [navigational reading using a sextant or other method]. After tea it cleared up a little saw that we saw three ships.”

Eliza Williams, [Thurs.] September 6th [1860]: “We have had a very fine day with a good breeze. The boats all went off this morning and just before noon the Fourth Mate struck a Whale. My Husband went right down in his boat, and they soon had it dead and alongside. Tonight it is all cut in. It is larger than the last one they got and very fat. The bone is a foot longer. It is 11 foot and the other 10 foot.”


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