Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | August 21, 2012

August 21 [1847 and 1858]

Mary Brewster, SATURDAY [Aug.] 21st [1847]: “It is now somewhere about 11 o’clock and beautiful moonlight night — A ship has just got in and anchored; but oh me, sje looks too long and large for the Tiger. We were all hoping it was her but hope but don’t hasten dull ship. I feel as though I could not bear to have another arrive before Tiger. This is not strange for where the treasure is then is the heart also. The last two days I have felt lonesome and impatient but I have now made up my mind to be easy and comfortable, praying that in due time God would return my dear Companion in safety to me. I am constantly thinking of the Sailor’s lot, far from home and friends, exposed to the storms, comforts few, yet they seem to be happy and no doubt enjoy themselves just as well as the similar would or do on shore — but why dwell longer on the subject, because my mind is not at rest.”

Mary Lawrence, [Sat.] AUGUST 21 [1858]: “Experienced quite a severe gale for a few hours this morning from the south. Stowed down our oil as fast as possible for fear that we might lose it; 117 barrels stowed down today. No ships in sight until about sunset, when we raised three boiling. So we hope we have got among the whales again. We begin to have an hour or two of night now. It is not very dark yet, however.”

Eliza Williams did not make any journal entries from August 19-September 4, 1860.


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