Posted by: Karlee A. Turner | July 11, 2012

11th July [1847, 1858 and 1860]

Mary Brewster, SUNDAY JULY 11th [1847]: “Here I am once more in my old quarters. Feel tired and none of us have got over the journey as yet. I have not been to church as I feel more like keeping still and so have been reading through the day.”

Mary Lawrence, [Sun.] JULY 11 [1858]: “A hard rainstorm through the night. This morning it cleared up with a north wind, the first time for a long while that we have had the wind from that quarter. We took up our anchor after breakfast and are now cruising round on the lookout for bowheads [whales], as it is about time for them to begin to be along here. Saw a plenty of mussel diggers, or California grays this morning. Afternoon. Samuel went on board the Benjamin Tucker to see who was gamming with him and to learn the news. Stopped to tea, and Mr. Paine, the mate, came here. Seventeen ships and brigs in sight, most of them coming down the strait. Samuel learned from Captain Sarvent that a number of ships had been in the Arctic and down through the strait again, as there were no whales there. We are pretty well satisfied that there have been but a very few to go through and a large body of whales is yet to come and they must pass this way to get there. In the evening Captain Barber gammed with several ships on board the America. She has taken nothing since May; has three whales, the Japan nothing, Hudson one whale, Helen Mar noting, and Arnolda nothing.

Elisa Williams, [Wed.] July 11th [1860]: “We have been aboard the Harvest and spent the day, having just returned. We have enjoyed it very much. Willie [her toddler son] was much pleased with everything, particularly the Birds. Mrs. M. has two Canaries, and they sing a good deal. While we were aboard there, we saw Bowhead in shore, and the two Captains lowered for the Whale, chasing it for some time and then losing sight of it entirely. The boats have returned and report seeing three of four. Another Ship has come in and anchored. She is the Maria Theresa, Capt. Cook. We saw him at Guam.”


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